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Life with Chase

4Him Skate Team

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The All New 4Him skate team, now touring and preaching the word of God with inspiring testimonies from young believer's.

Young and aspiring skateboarder Nick Thompson has gathered the youngest and best amateur skateboarders of the world that are on fire for God and love to preach. The team currently has 5 members.

1. ( team leader ) 15 yeard old Nick Thompson

2. 19 year old Sammy Li from Japan

3. 17 year old Josh Respress from Mobile, Alabama

4. 14 year old John Paul Miller from Florida

5. 16 year old Pierce Strickland from Georgia




4Him skate team is a team of young, zealous warriors for Christ. 4Him currently tours with the Elijah Ministries Prophetic Evangelism Team and participates in youth conferences around the world. If you would like 4Him to perform and preach at your next event feel free to contact us by email. Phone number will be online soon.





4Him  Outreach is a ministry birthed from a deep desire to see a genuine transformation in the individual lives of the emerging generation.

4Him utilizes their skills in Freestyle Motocross, Skateboarding, BMX, DJ and Multi-Media simply as a means of connection with the culture.

4Him offers many different options to meet the needs of each event, school, and community. One of the most effective events that they share is the Real Encounter Crusade which is a 3 day event including school assemblies and culminating with an outreach event to the entire community.

When you book 4Him skate team at your event the following will happen.

1. 4Him will meet with Pastor and staff to discuss skating event.

2. 4Him will set up all of there own staging for the skate show.

3. During the show 4Him will be giving testimonies and speaking about life as a young christian in this world.

* show takes approximately 2 hours*

4. Team Leader Nick Thompson will speak to the church congregation at the next service.

* 4Him is totally available during there time with your church to counsel other teens and spend time with your youth group*

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