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Life with Chase

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This is my family schedule of events ( subject to change )

Date                                                        Location                                  
Jan. 2-6, 2008 New Year Prophetic Conference in Birmingham, Alabama
Thursday Jan. 10, 2008@The Rock  Montgomery, Alabama   7p.m.
Thursday Jan. 17, 2008@ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama   7p.m.
Thursday Jan. 24, 2008@ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama   7p.m.
January 25-26, 2008 @ The Ramp   Hamilton, Alabama (times vary)
Sunday Jan. 27, 2008 @ The Rock Mobile, Alabama              10a.m.
Thursday Jan. 31, 2008 @ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama   7p.m.
February 3-9, 2008                          Conway, Arkansas  7p.m. nightly 
Thursday Feb. 14, 2008 @ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama 7p.m.
Thursday Feb. 21, 2008 @ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama 7p.m.
February 22-23, 2008 @ The Ramp Hamilton, Alabama *times vary
Thursday Feb. 28, 2008 @ The Rock Montgomery, Alabama 7p.m.
March 3-9, 2008 Prophetic Evangelism Seminar in Denver, CO
Thursday March13, 2008@The Rock Montgomery, ALabama 7P.M.
Thursday M arch 20, 2008@The Rock Montgomery, Alabama 7p.m.
Thursday March 27, 2008@The Rock Montgomery, Alabam 7p.m.
Friday March 28, 2008@The Ramp Hamilton, Alabama *times vary
*****April 2-12, 2008 Nicaragua Missions Trip*****
April 15-19, 2008 Pensacola, Florida *times vary
Thursday April 24, 2008 @The Rock Montgomery, Alabama 7p.m.
Sunday April 27, 2008 Bay Minette, Alabama@11a.m. & 6p.m.
May 5-8,2008  Prophetic Conference  Salem, Oregon
May 10-14,2008 Prophetic Conference Ocala, Florida
May 18-21, 2008 Prophetic Conference Margate, Florida
May 23-30, 2008 Prophetic Youth Rally in Macon, Georgia

Conference Information

Apostolic conferences bring together apostolic leaders, pastors, and their teams to hear the new and creative strategies the Holy Spirit is revealing to reach the nations of the world.

Prophets pave the way for apostles to execute God's plan, and Prophetic conferences provide opportunities for the Prophetic call on individual lives to be activated. Many prophetic streams gather for these powerful convocations.

The various Deliverance seminars and conferences provide a rich platform for one-of-a-kind training opportunities from international experts in the much-needed ministry of deliverance.

Intercession paves the way for the glory of God to be established on the earth. During our Prayer and Intercession conferences, many prayer leaders and intercessors gather for equipping to go forth into the next historical season of the church. We also offer conferences for believers who want to discover more about Spiritual Warfare strategies to overthrow the enemies of His Kingdom.

Additional gatherings focused on Evangelism and Revival are designed to equip and empower the Body of Christ to move forward-even with signs and wonders-in the evangelistic thrust that is needed to complete the Great Commission at home and beyond!

Check back often for updates

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