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Life with Chase

About Us

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Damon                       (Dad )
Sandy                        (Mom )
Nick                           ( Oldest Son )
Chase                       ( Middle Son )
Bradley                    ( Youngest Son )
 Our faith is in Jesus and his name should be famous not ours. This site has had over 400 visitors so far this month which is a great blessing but we want the name of the living God to be known in every nation. May we decrease and He increase.

Dad and Mom were married in 1990 in Mobile, Alabama. At the time both were in college and the first child was born 2 years later. Since 1994 they have served God as missionary church planters overseas and now are currently on home assignment in the States working as Evangelists traveling America.

My Dad
Born in Brighton, England on February 25, 1972. As part of a big family he was the 7th child of 9 children. His parents were also missionaries. He moved to Birmingham, Alabama when he was 16 with his family. After graduating high school he went on to college where he met his wife and received a bachelor degree in Religion. Now armed with a master's degree in Urban Missions he travels the world and preaches the Gospel boldly. He is confident and can face his foes triumphantly as the word of Truth proceeds out of his mouth like a tow-edged sword.

My Mom
Born in North Carolina on September 18, 1972. The youngest of 4 children and her Dad was a Pilot and her mom was a teacher. Growing up in a Pentecostal Church she was active in the Church all of her life. While attending college in Alabama she met her husband and answered the call from God to serve as a missionary. Equipped with a degree in Teaching and minored in Urban Missions in college. She is armed with a commission from God as a personal call for her life.

Born on July 13, 1992 in Alabama. At the current age of 15, Nick leads the all new skate team 4Him that is now traveling and preaching to youth all over the world. He has participated in hundreds of conference's and youth rallies and is a very inspiring young preacher who has answered the call from God on his life. He has confidently spoken in front of hundreds of teens and children as he speaks the Truth to advance the Kingdom of God without regrets. He has adpated to the hard ships of his life and is burning with a passion for the youth of this world to stand up unafraid and receive Jesus as their personal saviour. Also a talented athlete, he has participated and won skateboarding competitons in the past. God uses the talent that he freely gave to Nick to reach out to other teens in the skateparks.

Born on May 25, 1994 in Talca, Chile. At the age of 13 Chase has taken on the role of  promoting his family and their ministry to the world. He is invloved in fund raising, support raising, and Prayer support for his family. He created and maintains the website as well as the blog for the family ministry. As the self proclaimed photographer of the team he has taken many photos and made many home movies thru the years of travel and ministry. Future projects for Chase are to take all of the footage he has collected from the years of home movies and make a reality movie that portrays his family and there life. Chase lets his light shine and longs for a revival in the world.

Born in Manila, Philipines on March 9, 1998. At the current age of 9, Brad travels the world with his family. As a bilengual member of our family he is an influential child as he continues to adapt to different cultures and learns the language of the locals where he goes. His interests include praising God and participating with daily devotions with our family. Brad is also into skateboarding as he strives to learn from his older brother and looks up to his family.

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